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About me

What is your background?
I have a mixed background of work and life experiences. I sometimes call myself a business-nerd. Currently, I work in IT Management for an insurance company. My passion is in software development and solution architecture. I enjoy the planning and implementation of software more than the infrastructure or networking side of the industry. I enjoy being artistic and analytical. I get really excited about technology, but stay grounded with what is available and practical.

When I started my first business (in photography and graphic design) I really had no idea what I was doing. I quickly learned that this business was not a permanent endevour for me, but I learned a lot about accounting, business processes and marketing. I was never a super artistic photographer, but I succeeded because I was willing to do things others thought would destroy the industry and myself (I sold DVDs of negatives and published my pricing online in 2005, image that).

What drives you forward?
I get pretty excited by new technologies. I get even more excited by tech being used for real world problems. I went to a Microsoft conference in 2014 and saw how a group of young adults used a cell phone camera and machine learning to help diagnose jaundice in rural areas of Australia where traveling to a clinic is very expensive. Super cool.

The other thing that brightens me is true sacrifice. In 2016, I ran in a race that benefits Operation Underground. This group saves kids from human trafficking and they do it at great personal risk. This motivates me to find opportunities to be truly relevant in my life. It is easy to watch YouTube videos about amazing people, and feel small. I have realized that every time I comfort someone who is depressed, or fix a computer for a friend, it helps me understand why I am here.

What is an industry that you foresee a lot of change?
Do you want a list? I would start with any industry to uses money and/or contracts. The concepts of block chain (the concept behind Bitcoin and other crypto-currency) are far reaching. Concepts of ownership and trust are about to go through a revolution. I would love to see the real estate industry turned on its head. I have nothing personally against real estate agents, it is just an inefficient transaction that loses almost 10% of its value (money going to neither the buyer of the seller in the process). This is not abnormal, insurance transactions also lose value, but the selling of a home represents years of investment effort for individuals, only to have it "taxed" by the people who fill out the forms.

My parents put a high priority on computer training growing up. In the 80s and early 90s, they saw how this would change our lives. I have similar feelings for my children with 3D printing. Just like Ken Olsen thought that computers would never be important to the home, people think today that 3D printing is a novelty. Something that art schools should dabble in. I think that Walgreens will replace their photo labs with a 3D printer and there will be one on every corner.


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