In Search of Silence


I have always been a computer builder. I lit my first computer on fire in my teens (power supply overload). Most of the first computers were all about speed. Recently, I have had the desire to match speed with almost silent operation. The way to do it is with large surface fans spinning at lower speeds. If you have the money to spend, someone can design and build it for you, but I prefer the adventure.

I accept that a computer should be loud when it is working hard. Playing an intense video game, rendering a 3D image or calculating the next move of the stock market are all excellent reasons for a CPU to spin up the fan and let off some dB. But when a computer is loud just sitting there, it bugs. Especially if I can hear it from my bedroom and it is two doors down.

The main computer in my house gets a significant rebuild about once a year. I use the same cases and monitors for a long time. I have had to change out more power supplies than I like, because to me, power is no fun. With this build, I was interested in fans and how I could just spend a few extra dollars and bring down the noise.

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