Sales Process Error after Dynamics 365 Upgrade

Dynamics 365 sales process error after upgrade

I discovered after performing the CRM2016 to Dynamics 365 upgrade on-premise that my sales process workflows were not appearing. After some research, I found that this is a known issue, but with no official fix yet. Some people suggested disabling the process and re-enabling it, but I got an error when I tried to disable the process. I created a copy of the process and was able to enable and disable it, but this would mean that I would have to reassign the process to all existing leads in the system.

After reviewing a forum post on MSDN, I found a solution, but their wasn’t many details. I managed to fix it using some of the information from that post, and wanted to share a more detailed post about the solution.

Warning: This is not an official fix and if you choose to follow these step, you do so at your own risk. This fix involves making an update the the CRM database directly.

Step 1) Backup your Database

This should reallygo without saying, but make a backup of your organzational database. If you don't have a backup of the MSCRM_Config database, now would be a good time to back that one up as well.

Step 2) Make Updates to CRM Organization Database

Open up the content database (make sure to get the right one if you have multiple organizations under one installation). I use Sql Server Management Studio, but these steps would also work directly in Visual Studio with SSDT installed.

Enter the following query to review the processes in the system:

select workflowID, name, BuseinssProcessType from workflowbase
order by workflowId

Here is the example from my system. You can see that there are several processes in the system. For this execercise, I want to fix the Lead to Opportunity Sales Process. From the MSDN article, I discovered that the BusinessProcessType column needs to be updated to = 0 instead of NULL. T I completed the update being careful to only affect these two rows:

update worflowbase set BusinessProcessType = 0 
where workflowId = '919E14D1-6489-4852-ABD0-A63A6ECAAC5D'

Step 3) Disable and Re-enable the Process

You can now disable the process in the customization area of the CRM. This should now complete without error

You can now see your sales process again on leads. I did get an error the first time I went back to the home dashboard after making this change. I restarted my browser and everything seemed to be fine.
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