M2 Drive

For many years the hard drive was the typical bottleneck of any well-endowed computer. The first response to any complaint about a slow computer was "add memory" after which came the answer "sorry, the hard drive is slowing your down and unless you want to buy SCSI, your stuck." And then came the SSD drive and it freed us from the bottleneck, sort of... And then came the NVMe M.2, with a prosumer price, the speed are still unbelievable!


I have always been a computer builder. I lit my first computer on fire in my teens (power supply overload). Most of the first computers were all about speed. Recently, I have had the desire to match speed with almost silent operation. The way to do it is with large surface fans spinning at lower speeds. If you have the money to spend, someone can design and build it for you, but I prefer the adventure.