For the first 6 months after seeing CRM 2013, the new navigation and style was very impressive. Soon after, I found myself wondering how hard it was to make a change. Dynamics CRM 2016 and CRM 2015 (after the Spring 15 update) both have the ability to quickly change the logo, header color, and Alt Text (text shown during a mouse hover) rather quickly. In the past version of CRM, this change was very complicated.

Today I tried to do a fresh install of CRM 2016 on Windows Server 2016. We are considering upgrading the CRM hardware at work and I wanted to try out a clean install on the new server version. Our existing server is a 2012R2 server and that install was the result of multiple upgrades.

I have been through the CRM install several times (between version 2011 and 2016). For the most part, it has always gone cleanly as long as your run it as a domain administrator. However this time, I ran into an error with Windows Search.